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UWSinKC Community Agreements

CONFIDENTIALITY: We understand that people are sharing vulnerably. We agree to keep these shares confidential. If  we want to talk about this unlearning circle, we can share our own personal experiences, or those of other participants  only with their consent.

EVERYONE PARTICIPATES: We participate by sharing our truths and actively listening with respect. We will aim to  consider how we typically participate in shared spaces and challenge ourselves and each other to take up less or more  space as needed. We agree that we will keep our cameras on for the duration of the unlearning circle.

We agree to FOCUS ON RACISM in this space, while acknowledging how oppressive systems overlap. 

We agree to look hard at our assumptions and internalized behaviors and we MEET OUR GROWING EDGE. We assume  everyone has good intentions here and recognize the impact our words and actions have, can be different than our intentions. 

We will examine how we react to racialized discomfort as if we are in physical danger. We will talk about how we  co-regulate and self-regulate; and remember that in this space WE ARE PHYSICALLY SAFE, EVEN IF WE ARE EXPERIENCING  DISCOMFORT. 

This is life work. THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES for racism and white supremacy. We agree to do our best to stay engaged with the work of undoing white supremacy within ourselves and our communities. 

We are all constantly growing and we all make mistakes. We agree to try to get better at being wrong. When there is  something we don’t understand, we encourage each other to ASK FOR CLARIFICATION so we can learn from each other.  

 -with gratitude to the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB) and the DARC Collective.  

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